Staff communication & advocacy

Effective staff communication improves staff advocacyResearch undertaken by Ipsos MORI demonstrates there is a direct relationship between the quality of staff communication and staff advocacy. Engaged and positive teams correlate with good customer service and increased revenues.

One of my tasks at Surrey Police was to improve staff communication and engagement across the force of 4000 police officers and staff working across 30 locations. Working with my team I put in place a number of initiatives including setting up quarterly ‘leadership’ events for the 100 most senior managers, managing a programme of chief constable road shows, instigating the production of monthly manager briefing sheets, managing the production of weekly e mails to all staff, improving the content and design of the staff magazine and ensuring a complete overall of the force intranet site.

Effective staff communication

A comprehensive programme of staff communication and engagement contributed to 64 percent of staff speaking positively about Surrey Police – one of the highest levels in the country. This compares to the national average of only 38 percent of staff being positive about their police force as measured by Ipsos MORI.


Bob Quick, former Chief Constable of Surrey Police commented: ‘I worked closely with Sarah during the five years I was at Surrey Police as Deputy Chief Constable and subsequently Chief Constable. Sarah was a high performing individual who was part of the Chief Officer Group (Board). I valued greatly her professionalism, insight, judgement and sound advice.

‘She delivered outstanding support to the Force in developing internal communications during times of corporate change and during high profile and critical events. Her influence was similarly impactful in externally managing the reputation of the organisation. She was able to look outside her department and consider broader organisational issues and thereby influence and improve chief officer decision making.

‘Sarah’s leadership helped ensure that her department contributed, both internally and externally, to the Force’s top national performance in national public confidence assessments.’