Generating publicity – Solar company

Publicity photograph

Publicity photo of Ben Saunders and Vince Cable

Ben Saunders is the owner of SogoSolar, a London based company specializing in the design and installation of solar panel systems. Ben asked for my help to raise his company’s profile and professional standing. My approach was to seek endorsement of the company’s products from the then Minister for Business, Innovation and Skills, MP Vince Cable and maximise the publicity generated from this.

Publicity achieved

Having secured Vince Cable’s agreement through his constituency office, I set up a photo shoot with himself, Ben and a home owner where an innovative solar panel system had recently been installed. Ben was keen for me to gain publicity in a self-build consumer magazine title and I achieved a double page spread in the leading magazine ‘Self Build & Design’ as well as in the regional media. I negotiated with the MP’s office to secure permission to use the photos for SogoSolar’s on-going marketing activities including use on the website.


Commenting on the work, Ben Saunders said: ‘I am delighted with the results Sarah achieved for me. She took time to really understand how we as a business try to differentiate ourselves from the competition. She then worked very effectively with ourselves seeing an initial concept through to delivery which provided great PR coverage resulting in sales leads and new business. Sarah is very professional and diligent and I continue to commission further work from her.’