Advertising – The Denture Shop

Advertising for the Denture ShopThe successful Denture Shop chain with three premises and patients from across Surrey and Sussex, approached me to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of its advertising spend and devise a plan for future advertising activity.

I started with profiling their customer base to gain a full understanding of their demographics, purchasing behaviour and what media they prefer to use. I made recommendations and put in place a more cost effective advertising package covering local magazines, local newspapers and online advertising. This provided greater coverage of their target market at a lower cost.

Evaluating the advertising

I put in place methods to fully evaluate the advertising spend including providing reports from Google Analytics and introducing tracker phone numbers in the adverts. I improved the way staff collect customer information providing the company with useful sales and marketing data. More recently I have managed a direct mail campaign to their customer base generating a significant amount of additional business.

I am now retained by The Denture Shop to provide ongoing marketing support.


Partner of The Denture Shop, Andrew McLean commented: ‘Sarah’s recommendations went above and beyond my expectations. She gave us lots of ideas on how to generate more sales leads and put in place practical solutions which have already made a massive difference. I am now confident our money spent on advertising is working as hard as it possibly can. I am delighted Sarah is providing us with regular marketing support.’